The Management

Senior Management Team:

The founders and the senior management is represented by the professionals from various walks of life with international exposure and industry connects. The founders and management team are highly qualified and share vast experience in education sector. Wide experience and focused mind to provide quality education locally has been the goal of the team ever since the inception of first international school in 2006. They have the zeal and enthusiasm to create a meaningful difference in the lives of children by offering world class international education at affordable cost.

Academic and Administrative Management team:

Each TIPS school has a senior leadership team managed by the Head of School who exercises operational control of the School’s day-to-day activities. Corporate level services provide additional support to the Heads in the areas of Finance, IT systems, Accreditation/Authorisation, Professional Development, Recruitment and Marketing. The provision of this expertise allows TIPS Heads to focus not only on managing their Schools but also to benefit from innovation and best practice across the group. Principals, coordinators, and academic leaders ensure that regular meetings are held to see that curriculum articulation, planning and review, instructional standards and assessment are systematically carried out.

The Teaching Staff

Our Schools are Learning Communities, not only for our students but for faculty as well. Each staff member is actively encouraged to participate in continuing education whether through advanced degrees or participation in education conferences. Most of the teaching faculties at TIPS have Masters and B.Ed. degrees in their specific area of specialization. We hire teachers based on their previous years of experience both in India and abroad but the most important aspect is their passion for teaching and learning. New teachers are given mentors to train them into the IB methodology of teaching.

Professional Development of Teachers

A school’s most important asset is its teaching force and hence the most rewarding investment a school can make is to ensure that teachers continue to learn. Training of teachers is a regular and on-going activity. The School, along with the other TIPS group schools, conducts an in-depth analysis to identify relevant, training needs required for its teachers. We have specialized training design to meet the requirements of all the International curriculums ( IB PYP, CIE-IGCSE, and IBDP) offered at our campus. These specialized trainings take place twice in a year. All the teachers undergo a rigorous training for teaching and learning before embarking on their journey as TIPS facilitators.

The Caregivers

A team of caregivers including Hostel residential team, Medical staff, Tutors, Drivers, Ayahs, Catering personnel, Maintenance and Security staff take responsibility to provide best environment for learning and living. Their 24×7 contribution is the backbone for the smooth running of the organization. From the time children enter the school, the school takes seriously its task to ensure the safety and security of its students. There is a 24 hour vigil around the campus by our own security team. A sick bay, staffed by professional nurses, ensures timely medical care.The canteen staff makes certain that all children are well fed and cater to their needs. All these members of our community also ensure that students are cared for and supervised at all times. At TIPS every individual’s contribution is valued and each one contributes to what makes our institution a center for learning excellence.